Sathyadeepam (Light of Truth)

Sathyadeepam is a weekly with difference in style and content.  Established in 1927 by the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly,  Sathyadeepam over the years has become the most respected and widely circulated Catholic Weekly in India.  Sathyadeepam is not purely a religious weekly.  True, it looks at the world from a Christian point of view but it always take a stand for truth and human values.  Hence all people of good will, of any religious or political perspective listen to its voice with respect.


Sathyadeepam has got a reach in Kerala, outside Kerala and abroad, and thus forms a readership of more than 10 lakhs, which no periodicals of this nature can ever dream of.  It can be found in thousands of families, schools, colleges, hospitals, libraries, offices, factories and clubs.  Sathydeepam is considered as an official organ of the Catholic Church and enjoys unparalleled credibility with the readers.