Corporate Educational Agency

The Ernakulam Archdiocesan Educational Council was established in the archdiocese in 2002 as a result of the suggestions given by the eparchial assembly held in the archdiocese from 14 to 18 April 2002. The purpose of the council is to coordinate the activities of the various educational institutions managed by the parishes and the archdiocese and to promote value-based education in the fields of formal and informal education on the basis of common principles and policies.

            The council is composed of ex-officio members, elected members and nominated members. It includes representatives of managers, principals, headmasters, and experts in the field of education. The archbishop is the president of the council and a priest is appointed by him as its secretary, who manages the day-today activities of the council. The executive committee of the council supervises the ordinary functions according to the principles and guidelines decided by the council. The term of the council is three years.   

            The council plays an important role in the construction and maintenance of the buildings, appointments of the staff, admission of the students, formation-courses for the managers, teachers, establishment of parents-teachers associations, handling the legal issues related to the educational institutions, cooperation with other educational agencies, etc.

            The Education Council took efforts to form one corporate agency for the schools directly owned by the archdiocese and those owned by the parishes in the archdiocese. On 11 October 2010 the Government of Kerala approved the request of the archdiocese to form the Corporate Educational Agency. The Corporate Educational Agency was established in the archdiocese on the same day by the decree of the archbishop. 79 schools are incorporated under one management. The office of the agency is at the pastoral centre of the archdiocese. It is a great step in the field of educational activities by the archdiocese.