Bible Apostolate

The department of Bible Apostolate was established in the archdiocese in 1975 in order to proclaim the Word of God, which is centre of Christian life. Its aim includes also making a plan for the propagation of the Word of God and leading the execution of that plan. This department functions under the guidance of KCBC Bible Commission and helps to execute successfully the various activities of the Commission in the archdiocesan level. A priest is appointed as the archdiocesan director and each forane-district has its director. Priests, religious and lay faithful actively participate in its activities. This department in the archdiocese collaborates with the department of catechism. The archdiocesan director is a member of KCBC Bible Commission's advisory board.

This department takes initiatives for the distribution of the Bible and Biblical Literature in the families and promotes biblical studies in the families and in various groups, especially in the parish level. Some of the important activities of the department are the celebration of Bible Sunday, the Logos Bible-Quiz, and the Literary-Artistic Competition for the youth on Bible Subjects, called ‘Bible Kalolsavam’.